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Carpet Cleaning Services

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Buying a carpet might not be a big job as much as cleaning a carpet. Whether it’s from pets, children, spills, messes, or normal day-to-day use, your vacuum cleaner can only remove so much of the dirt and bacteria that accumulates on your carpets. The only way to get your carpets completely clean and sanitized is through regular professional carpet cleaning.

What Is Carpet Steam Cleaning?

Steam cleaning is a cleaning method recognised worldwide as the most effective carpet cleaning solution. It uses specialized equipment that treats the carpet with pressurised hot water and detergent, made to remove stains and refresh the carpet fabric until they look good as new.

In the past, we relied heavily on a shampooing method to fight toxins in our floor. However, steam cleaning does not use any kind of chemical of which are harsh on the fabric materials of the carpet. It simply works on water which is converted to steam. The steam applied on the carpet attacks only the dirt particles. It does not damage the material of the carpet. Unlike other form of cleaning which uses different types of chemicals, steam has a rather soft action on the fabric thus maintaining its quality and softness.

The procedure goes like this:

1) Our carpet cleaner will first vacuum the carpet from any dust or debris.

2) Next, we will examine for any type of stains the carpet has suffered over the years and from that they will deduce the type of detergent to use on the carpet.

3) Lastly, we will use a professional machine to deep clean the entire carpet. 

Instead of getting a new carpet once your old carpet seems a bit old and dirty, why not engage our services to give your regular old carpet a proper clean up and save up on buying a new carpet.


  • One of the most cost effective method to deep cleaning your carpet.
  • Hassle free method which requires minimum disruption to your premises.
  • Eco-friendly and safe procedure.
  • Steam cleaning method does not damage the fabric of the carpet.
  • Affordable and significantly less expensive than replacement of new carpet.
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