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No more stress for move in/out clean

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It's quick and easy to book your move out cleaner with us

Moving is undoubtedly a hassle and a headache, no matter how good or fast will you handle it. The process of sorting through and packing up years of your life and moving with all of it to a brand new home… That’s heartbreaking to know, how actually exhausting that procedure is. If that already crazy mixture has some additional components added, like young children, simultaneous job issues or any kinds of additional social obligations, and you may go bonkers in no time…

Thankfully, our company’s services will allow you to focus just on the most essential and basic organizing issues. So, brace yourself for a profound clean up help, and limit your stress to at least some of extent!

What Is Included?




- Vacuum and mop floor
- Clean all mirrors

- Clean doors and metal gate

- Clean light switches and power points

- Cobweb removal

- Dust and wipe skirting board

- Clean interior windows and grills

- Clean light fittings (where accessible)

- Wardrobe, cabinet and draws interior cleaned


- Clean and disinfect toilet bowl

- Clean bathtub if any

- Clean basin and tap
- Wash toilet floor and walls
- Clean all mirrors

- Wipe cabinet and shelves exterior

- Dust accessible air vents

- Clean cabinet and drawer interior


- Mop floor
- Degrease cooking stove and hob

- Wipe exterior electrical appliances
- Wipe exterior surface of all cabinets
- Polish taps and sink

- Clean interior of cabinets and pantry

- Clean inside oven including trays


- Empty trash

- Clean balcony (if any)

Things Not Included

Job scope does not include cleaning of ceiling and wall fans, high windows and grilles, exterior of windows and grilles of high-rise apartments or homes with more than one level, curtain rails, shifting of furniture, removal of renovation debris, washing of dishes, laundry and packing of personal effects, ironing and tidying of bed.

– Customer to provide cleaners with proper cleaning equipment and solutions. However, we are able to provide the cleaning kit at a small fee.
– The job scope is only a general guide on the domestic cleaners’ job coverage. However, depending on your cleaning priorities and extent of cleaning required, the tasks that they are able to complete within the specified time may not necessarily encompass all the mentioned duties.

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