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Cleaning Kit

Top up $100 to save the hassle

Household cleaning is easier, quicker, and more effective when you have a cleaning kit with essential tools and products to depend on. Ideally, a well-organised cleaning kit will contain a number of items and yet, have everything you need to clean your house in a satisfactory manner.

Items Includes

List of cleaning items required;

1) Sponge
2) Microfibre cloths
3) Glass polishing cloths
4) Long toilet brush and toilet bowl brush
5) A mop and bucket
6) Protective glove
7) Vacuum cleaner (Important)
8) Trash bag
9) Floor cleaning solution
10) Toilet bowl cleaning solution
11) Mirror/Glass cleaning solution
12) Stain remover solution
13) Grease remover solution
14) Mold remover solution
15) Ladder (If applicable)

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any cleaning quality due to improper/unsuitable cleaning equipment and solution provided by the customer.

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